Bjarne Jensen
In Orogenic ApS we believe that knowledge and education is the way out of poverty. The primary purpose of “Schools in India” is to help the schools in the poorest areas in South India, which is why we have chosen to support the association in their charity work.
For us in Denmark - a country where every school class has electronic white boards, laptops, Ipad's and much more - it may sound strange that a school cannot even afford to buy a dictionary to 5.50 kroner or a compass to 3 kroner, but that is everyday life in many Indian schools. Many contributors have a distrust towards charities, “Doesn't the money just go to the administration?”, no, in “Schools in India” all the money goes to the poor children as the association has minimal administrative expenses - the money either goes directly to the schools or to locally purchased materials. This means maximum help both to those who need it and to the small local companies that provide the basis for a well-functioning local community.
We can only recommend everybody to do the same as we have done and support the good initiative, and with the low costs in India even a small contribution is a big help.

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Robin Medenwaldt 

Since 2008 one of the main sponsors of “Schools in India”. He says: ““Schools in India” is one of those projects in the world that really gives hope for a better world. Our help spreads like ripples in a pond and involves an increasing number of local people in the activities. The use of the means is transparent and the success well documented. I have myself visited the schools, met the people involved, and seen the glimpse of hope in the eyes of the children. If one likes to reach out beyond the walls of one’s bubble and participate in creating a better world for the poor, the Society “Schools in India” is a good place to contribute.


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As well as many private people contribute with financial aid for the children.

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