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During the visit in January, we have distributed tooth brushes and paste, as well as writing tools; we got school uniforms made for 3 schools. We also carried out a Health Camp. All of this has only been made possibly by our sponsors.

We need your help for collecting funds; please, contact us if you have time and capacity for helping us with this rewarding task.
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We are collecting funds for writing tools, tooth brushes and tooth paste, to be distributed in December.
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Rotary Vejlefjord has sponsered playground equipment for the Muli Kolathur School. See the images to the right.

 Interview with Shabin Sarvotham, the director of Radisson Blue Resort Temple Bay

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Schools in India 

The Society of “Schools in India” (Skoler i Indien) is a Charity NGO (non-governmental organisation) raising funds for improving the environment of schools in poor areas in the south of India (Tamil Nadu) as well as helping poor children with their education. By helping the schools, we get direct access to improving the conditions for the children.

Since 2007 – which is three years before the formal foundation of the Society in 2010 – we have collected financial means from different sources for
- building of schools,
- installation of water supplies,
- improving sanitary conditions in connection with the schools,
- payment of teacher’s salaries,
- payment of school fees for talented children,
- complementary tuition for children with learning difficulties,
- school uniforms,
- medical treatment and
- complementary tuition in hygiene.

The work in this organisation “Schools in India” is voluntary. No money has hitherto been used for administration and the board will also in future set strict low limits on use of the sponsored means for travel and administration. The accountings of the organisation can be found on our website and are accessible to the public for full transparency.

Mrs. Vibeke Bang has visited India 3- 4 times a year since 2007 by her own means and expenses. The poverty in the regions and the need for help is obvious. The project, which was initiated when Vibeke Bang in 2007 visited Mahabalipuram, has so far helped 1200 children of 9 schools in the area around Mahabalipuram. For more details about the charity history and its functionalities, please refer to the “History of The Society”.

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