History of “Schools in India”

The idea of establishing the Society “Schools in India” started in February 2007 when Vibeke Bang, who was spending her holiday in the colourful South India, met Mike,
a local tourist guide in sunny Mahabalipuram.

Mike is a local holy man, a so-called “Swami” who is a healer and gives advice and help to the locals. The meeting with Swami initiated the foundation of the gradually extending charity work.

When asked, Vibeke says, “Swami introduced me to a primary school with the very Indian name Vada Kadambady. We brought bananas for the children, which they loved as they came from very poor backgrounds and were constantly hungry. In spite of their worn out clothes and poverty, they were all smiling; and instantly I fell in love with the children and their charm and warmth. It turned out, that the school needed
a new school building, piping and toilets. I took a quick decision to provide the means for meeting the need and providing these children with a better hope for the future – and – as a start – help the school obtaining the desired and necessary improvements.”

Vibeke managed to find sponsors for the necessary finances within the following six month; and since then everything has developed rapidly. Presently, nine schools in the country districts around Mahabalipuram receive help from the organisation for school buildings, teachers, school uniforms, health, hygiene and much more. In total, these schools teach almost 1200 children. Whereas the help in the beginning seemed like a drop of water in the desert, time has shown that the help from Europe also motivates Indians. The will to help seems increasing if only there is a steady flow of continuous and enterprising support coming from the outside. Currently, substantial help is received from Chettinad, a large, private hospital, and from the local Radisson Blu Hotel. More about this issue is described in the paragraph Indian Support.

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