About India

India is a land full of opposites and diversity. Rich and poor live close side by side without any equalizing of privileges in close view. The smells of exotic spices and incenses are intertwined with less pleasant smells as you walk around the streets of India. The typical Indian meditative quietness is in pronounced contrast to the Indian’s passionate use of their car horns.

In spite of an alarming overpopulation locally, widespread poverty and strong pollution, the economy of India seem to grow far quicker than in other countries with similar problems. India is joining the world elite in several industrial sectors with a generally strong economy. India has a population of overwhelmingly 1.3 billion people. As the country is also very large, the density of the population though is comparable to that of Holland – about 3 times as dense as Denmark. In this land of contradictions, there is a growing wish to rectify the imbalances. Our experience has shown that there is a will to participate in changing the conditions if there is a driving force behind. This is our motivation for working for changes in a small part of a big country.

India – general travel information

India is a relatively safe country to travel in. It is advisable though to study travel books with info on how to behave for minimizing probable risks for the traveller.

Overview of India:

Name of country: Republic of India, Bharat (Hindi)
Climate: monsoon-dependant (July-September) warm drought (April – July)
more distinct shift in Northern India because of the seasons.
Size: 3.287.999 km2 ( about nine times as big as Germany)
Government: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Independence from UK: 15 August 1947
Currency: Indian rupee (INR)
Time zone: UTC+5:30
Population: 1.3 billion
Languages: Hindi and English are the official languages,
apart from 21 recognized languages.
Religion: Hinduism 80.5%, Islam 13.4%, Christianity 2.3%, Sikhism 1,8%
in addition to Buddhism, Sainism, Parsen and others.
Capital: New Delhi (14 mio citizens (“National Capital Territory Delhi”)
Largest City: Mumbai

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