Interview med Shabin Sarvotham

India - maybe one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but living next to the rich and the powerful are also many who struggle to make both ends meet. It is this growing contradiction, this rich-poor division that continue to make India a developing country. Shabin Sarvotham, General Manager of Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, a beautiful beach resort in the south east of India, gives a picture of state of education in the country. He says, “Education in India is good. Teachers are committed. But the lack of basic facilities in government funded schools prevents teachers from giving their all.” Sarvotham believes that proper studying conditions and sanitation is the need of the hour for these state-run schools. It is this failure that Schools in India hopes to account for. Having watched Vibeke Bang of Schools in India work closely with schools in the neighbourhood, Sarvotham notes, “Vibeke and Schools in India have been thinking on a different scale. Giving toothpaste and brushes to school children and working on things that require most attention has helped making a difference to the lives of these children.” While Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay does its bit for the local community by supporting organisations like Schools in India, Sarvotham says, “Indians are conscious of the poverty and misery around them. They however lack an ownership to other Indians. It is this attitude that is preventing Indians from helping those less fortunate.” Sarvotham ends saying that it is easy to pin the blame on the government. What needs changing is the overall commitment from individuals and only then will the lives of millions improve.

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